About Stoll Construction

We started doing exterior siding in 1994. Now we build custom homes and a whole lot more.


Everything we do, we do with the best quality available, unmatched efficiency, and the best customer service around.

Whether you are looking to improve the value of your current home or build a brand new one, we are here to make reaching your goals a dream come true.

Our Values

Mainly serving southern Michingan, northern Ohio, and northern Indiana, we endeavor to create an environment that allows our employees to be confident in their value not only to the company but to us in our personal relationships.  We are committed to motivate our employees primarily through the identity of being part of a close-knit family.  The values we believe in most are honestly and integrity, but the foundation is definitely relationships.  We look forward to cultivating friendships long after the job has been completed.  We encourage our team to take time to listen to our customers.  This attitude of concern has expanded our customer base for certain, but more importantly, our circle of friends.

The Story Behind Our Name

We have always valued family connections, but I truly realized that our company name made perfect sense when my daughter Megan was with me one day, and we were picking up materials from a local supplier.  When we left, she asked how we could just walk out the door without paying.  This was a questions I had never even considered.  I proceeded to explain to her that because of the integrity of my grandfather and father, we had a name that could be trusted.  I thank God for that blessing, and I honor my heritage by incorporating the Stoll name.

– Steve Stoll, Owner


590 Olds St, Jonesville, MI 49250


Monday 7AM–4PM
Tuesday 7AM–4PM
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Friday 7AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
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